POM Engineering - Overhaul of Industrial Equipment - REK Bitola

Overhaul of industrial equipment

  • Overhaul of industrial equipment in thermal power plants.
  • Overhaul of industrial equipment in a mine with surface mining.
  • Overhaul of industrial machines for surface mining.
POM Engineering - Steel Structures and Steel Works

Steel structures and steel works

  • Execution of steel structures.
  • Production of various steel products.
  • Production and installation of various steel works.
  • Cutting steel products with CNC machines.
POM Engineering - Roofing solutions - Metal Sheet Works

Roofing Solutions – Metal sheet works

  • Construction of roofs with steel trapezoidal sheets and polyurethane panels.
  • Complete sheet metal construction.
  • Construction of HAVAC ducts of metal sheet.
POM Engineering - Sale of Sheet Metal Products

Sale of sheet metal products

  • Own line for profiling of trapezoidal sheets and making all types of casing, gutters, drains.
  • Own machine for making HAVAC ducts of metal sheet.